Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tutorial for removing rubber image from wood blocks

Good afternoon! It's a beautiful 60 degrees here in
 Kalamazoo, Michigan! The sun has been out all day and it smells like Spring...the air smells you know what I mean? I remember this smell from when I was a little girl and walked to school in the mornings. I remember the birds singing and the wonderful smell of Spring! I've been outside but came in to do this tutorial on how to remove rubber image from wooden blocks and how to clean the blocks and how to stamp and cut and attach the cling onto the rubber stamp.
What you will need:
StazOn solvent ink pad
StazOn all purpose cleaner
Inkjet Clear Static Cling 
Sharp pair of scissors
Hair Spray
*** First stamp image(s) on clear static cling and let dry for 10-15 minutes.
***While images are drying, place stamps on a paper plate and place in the microwave. I set the time for 10 seconds for smaller stamps and 15 seconds for larger stamps. If the red rubber doesn't peel off easily, put back in the microwave for 1-2 seconds more. The wood will be warm but it shouldn't be hot.
*** Peel off the red rubber and set aside. If you are going to reuse the wooden blocks you will need to remove the sticky glue that has been left behind. I tried a variety of things but the best and easiest was good old hair spray. I let the hair spray set for a couple minutes then wipe with a clean cloth.
*** The stamped images should be dry now. Cut close to the inked image but leave a small area so you can peel back the white backing. The last thing to do is apply the cling to your stamps.

In this photo I have already stamped the images on the cling.

Here you can see on the left how the stamp looks once it has been peeled off the wooden block. To the right you will see the stamped images.  The blocks have been cleaned and are ready to decorate.

I have cut all my images and laid them on my sheet. I like to cut the image from the rest of the stamped images and trim them closer after they are separated. Notice you still see white on the image.

Notice you can see right through the stamp images and see the grid paper. Now the plastic cling is ready to be applied to the stamp.

All the images are applied to the gray side of the stamp.

Now the stamps can be used on the clear block.
NOTE: You may want to use a differnt brand of plastic cling. I added the site where I found mine. I'm real happy with it. For 10 sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" it cost $13.95 plus shipping.
1. You can see where you are stamping.
2. Stamps take up less storage room.
3. Stamps are lighter and if you travel with your stamps, it lightens your load.
4. Stamps stay nicer. No wooden block to become stained with ink.
I'm sure there are many more...
I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and will give this technique a try.

Here is the Confirmation invitation that was chosen for our 14 year old granddaughter, Sarah.

 Inside of the invitation.

Hope you are enjoying the week-end. Until next time...
Happy Stamping!


  1. Hi Jane, thanks for the information on removing the wood mounted rubber, but also for the link to this clear cling mount plastic.

  2. i am trying to order the static cling ,but it won't go through. is there any other kind i can buy ?donna