Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Norris Update 10-27-10

Norris Update 10-27-10:
Our daughters, Pam and Mary visted Norris in the morning. While they were there, Kalamazoo, Michigan had a tornado warning. All the patients were wheeled into the hallways without windows, everyone else was taken to the tunnel in the basement. After about 30 minutes, there was an all clear. Whew!
I'm so thankful the tornado warning didn't happen the day of Norris surgery!

I stayed home yesterday due to my left knee cap had slipped off the day before. It's back in place but it's difficult to walk. Norris had regular meals yesterday and in the afternoon, his chest tubes were removed.
Pam is taking me to see Norris tonight. He said to me yesterday. "bring my razor".
He sounds really good and is taking several walks a day with the help of the nurse.
As of yesterday, he will be in the hosptial until Sunday.

Another update tonight.

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