Thursday, October 28, 2010

Norris update 10-28-10 Afternoon with Pictures

Norris Updat 10-28-10 Afternoon with Pictures.

Here is Norris as we came into visit him at noon.

Norris with our oldest daughter, Pam. Her school class had their Halloween party this morning and she was Tigger! He didn't eat his lunch...nothing tastes good to him. The nurse brought him a protein shake instead.

Norris and me. I can't even hug him, just baby kisses.

His chest incision from his double bypass heart surgery on Monday.

Small incisions in both legs where took veins for his bypass surgery.
They took an artery from his chest wall too.

Some of the equipment he needed when he first came back from surgery.

Norris was so happy when they took out all the tubes, IV's etc. Now he is able to walk around by himself.
I just talked to him and he is resting before he walks again. He has learned how to get up without using his arms and not fall down in the process. He is still on strong med's that can make him feel a little dizzy when he first stands up.


  1. I love the picture of the two of you - you are so adorable and your smiles are so full of love for each other. Thanking our God that he has brought you through this.

  2. Jane,
    Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Norris looks great. Continue to keep you all up in prayer.

  3. Awesome - Continued prayers for continued swift recovery!!!


  4. Nice shaved legs - LOL! Glad to hear he is doing so well. His chest incision looks good. The scar won't be as bad as it looks like it will be, plus it will look better over time. My DH's did.
    Glad to hear he is doing well - still in my thoughts and prayers.

    Cynthia Ferenz
    Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers

  5. He looks great! Give him a hug for me, Jane. Love ya.

  6. For all he's been through, he looks pretty darn good!! Glad to hear he's doing so well. Hope he gets his appetite back soon.


  7. Glad to hear things are on the ment! Before you know it he will be home with you. Keep it goint this way! Best wishes from The Netherlands.

  8. Sounds like things are coming along great, keep up the great work and he will be home and all will be back to normal before you know it. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Love and prayers to you both.

  9. Hi
    I am a fellow SU demo (in NZ) and I follow the SUDSOL emails. I just had to comment on this post. My Father had a quad bypass 11 years or so ago. He didnt want me to go into hospital to see him but the day after surgery he called for me asking for me to come and crack some jokes. Sadly my father passed on 5 years ago having had a very fit and happy life after his bypass. I wish you both all the best and am thinking of you during the recovery. Enjoy your recovery time together and the walks.Ps thank you for the inspiration you share xxx