Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seven New Bunnies at My House

We went out to feed our rabbits last night and this is what we found! Seven brand new bunnies. They were just an hour or so old.

This photo is from this morning. Aren't they darling? For those who don't know about rabbits, when a momma rabbit is getting ready to have her babies, she pulls a lot of fur out from under her chin and upper chest.  She builds a nest for her babies. In the winter they are very toasty and cozy. You can see the fur in the photos. When we went out last night, there was white fur all over the rabbit cage and on the ground.

This is momma, Chunkers, in the front of the cage.  The rabbit in the background is Dimples, she is the mother of Chunkers and grandma to the new bunnies. Chunckers is very protective of her babies! She bit my husband last night when her was reaching for their water bowl. You can see she isn't too happy I'm taking a photo of her babies or her for that matter!
I think she is giving me the evil eye!

Last September we bought two rabbits and were told they were both girls so we housed them in the same cage. Things went along just great until December 6th during a terrible snow storm and we went out to feed the rabbits, we had new bunnies! The first batch of bunnies are from Dimples and proud father Boo. Then around January 5th we found more new bunnies in another snow storm! The weather was so bad here in Michigan we couldn't build any additional hutches for the rabbits.  It was then we took Boo out and put him in his own cage.

So how did we end up with more new bunnies? About six weeks ago, three of our granddaughters were over to stamp, while I was getting their stamping areas ready they asked if they could bring in the bunnies. Little did I know they brought in Boo (male) in too! By the time I realized he was in with the girls...it was too late!
I was just praying he hadn't made contact with any of the girls. But now....we know he did!

As the days go by, I'll post more photos of the babies.

TIP: If you get any rabbits, I don't care what anyone says... check them out before you house them together!

Happy Stampin'


  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing your babies with us. I can't believe how fast that happened.

  2. I've raised rabbits for over 20 yrs. Show rabbits. You are fortunate that one was a buck. Two does do not often get along after they mature.
    Are they "mixed" breed rabbits? I'm trying to figure out what breed they are?