Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Baby Bunny Died Saturday

Itsy Bitsy, one of our White and Black bunnies died today. After I posted current photos of the bunnies, Iwent out go see if the bunnies eyes were open and found the runt of the litter, dead. I didn't know the gender because at this age they all look the same.. All the other bunnies are healthy and chubby. Our family is  sad and didn't look forward to telling our grandchildren but we used this as a teaching moment. The babies will be two weeks old on Monday. All the bunnies have their eyes open, can hold  their ears up and  they look more like bunnies everyday. It's amazing how much they change from day to day!  More photos to follow.
                                                                                             Jane Giggy


  1. That is sad. They are so cute, too.

  2. So sad about your little baby. I love the pictures. Little bunnies are so cute.

  3. Sorry about the death of the baby bunny. It happens... sometimes the runts don't make it. Same thing happens with baby kittens. I just had one of my baby kittens die two days ago. sad. But that's just life. He has 3 siblings that are doing well.