Sunday, July 8, 2012

Clothes Pin Note Holders

I was able to get in on a bulk buy a few weeks ago. One of the items in the buy was over-size clothes pins. The pins measure 6" long. At first I wondered what I would do with them. I thought they were so cool when I saw them offered, I jumped at the chance not thinking any further. Well, I did find a use for them and now I can't stop making them!

All but the clip with the Daffodil Delight seam binding and Summer Smooches are made with retired paper and left over silk flowers I found from a couple of years ago.

This side view show how thick the clothes pins are.
This one I made for myself. As you can see, it was made to hold recipes when I cook. I does make reading the recipes a lot nicer and keeps it clean.
The last two are really much prettier than the photo. I had difficulty captioning the right light. But you get the idea. You might be able to find an over-sized clothes pin at your local craft store.

I hope you had a great week-end. It's been so hot here in Michigan...over 100 degrees on several days last week. Today it's in the mid- upper 80's and it feels cool!
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