Thursday, September 8, 2011


Good afternoon!
 It sure feels like Fall here in Kalamazoo. It's cool, about 57 degrees but I'm enjoying not having the hot days like we had last week. Last Saturday, it was 95 degrees. Some change!

Today, I'm posting an idea I came up with to help my husband keep track of his receipts in his truck. Norris is self-employed and has an awful time keeping his food, gas, and motel receipts together. He installs hard surface flooring like ceramic tile and hardwood. Saw dust and dust from the cermaic is all over his truck! By the time tax season comes around, it's a big mess. Some of the receipts are wadded up others have food or coffee on them. It isn't unusual for him to have 2-3 large zip lock bags filled with paper. It takes extra time to sort everything out and try to read what the receipts say. Guess who does the taxes?

This is why I came up with the receipt holder for his truck.

Nothing fancy..just a Clear-Mount Stamp Case with designer series paper.

Here are receipts for just three weeks!
After a long talk...we agreed that on each Saturday Norris would bring in the receipt holder and empty the holder and have it ready for the next week. It has been working out really well. No more smeared, crinkled or stained with food receipts.

Products Used:
Case: Clear-Mount Stamp Case...#119105 (4) cases for $5.95
Designer Series Paper: Mocha Morning Speciality #122366..$12.95

Happy Stamping!

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