Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Count Down December 2nd

 Stamping on candles? Impossible you say? Personalizing your candles to give to your friends or special someone is just plain easy and fun!
I used the Always stamp set #113620.
What you need for this project:
Candle of choice, I used a short pillar but you can stamp on any size of candle.
Wax paper
Plain white tissue paper
Heat gun
Stamp of choice
Classic Stampin' Pad color of choice


Start out by stamping your image on white tissue paper. Let dry.
Cut out image and position it on your candle. You won't have to cut in detail, just cut in a circle. Take a piece of was paper and wrap around the stamped image on your candle. With your heat gun, start heating up the wax paper. Move the heat gun around to cover all stamped areas. Soon, you will see the wax paper melt into the tissue paper. Watch so you don't burn yourself or melt the candle too much so you can't see the stamped image. I usually rub down any was paper that isn't completely adhered. That's it! A beautiful designer candle you made yourself for a fraction of the cost. I wrapped my candle in a cellophane bag and tied a Real Red bow.

Happy Stamping!

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