Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Notable Ornate Card

Notably Ornate
Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to post a card I made for one of my dear friends who has lost 35 pounds. This is it! Sue has been on a quest to lose weight and the weight is mealting away. I made Sue this card using the set Notably Ornate because when I think of her and how she is moving in a positive direction, the dove respensents how Sue is freeing herself from her extra weight! Congratulations Sue and keep up the good work!
Happy Stampin'


  1. I love the card that Jane made for me! It made me feel so special for her to think of me that way. OH, and my weight loss is up to 41 lbs now.....it's taking lot's of hard work and determination, but I am focused on my success and feeling better.....Thanks again Jane...your so talented and you put your heart in to each card you make....

  2. What a beautiful card. The person you made it for really deserves some "way to go" for all the hard work she's done!