Saturday, October 30, 2010

Norris Update...He's home!

Norris Update: He's Home!

Here he is holding his chest pillow, resting from a day of many changes! Pam and I picked Norris up from the hospital at noon today, dropped off his scripts at the drug store, had lunch at Finley's and came home. Pam made a run to Meijer's and back to the drug store.
Norris has to use his breathing machine 10 times an hour for 10 hours per day and  he takes 4 short walks per day. After all of that, he is worn out!
He is feeling good, not as much pain. All the walking, coughing, etc. wears him out. After all, it's only been 5 days since his bypass surgery!
Tomorrow the Home Health Worker is coming to check on Norris' medication and see how we are dong with the new routine. In 2 weeks he will begin rehab at Bronson Althetic Club.
Because of colds and flu season the doctor suggested visitors wait a couple of weeks before visiting.
I'm so glad to have him home! He is glad to be home too!

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